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Time for a spin

It’s been a little while since I did some spinning. In fact I haven’t blogged about any for almost three months! Not great.

But! I got my November fibre club shipment from The Thylacine and it turned out to be this beautiful Gotland roving, in a colourway called Scorched:

The Thylacine - Scorched

I love some good purples, reds and greys.

Now with Gotland being a fibre that doesn’t like too much twist (it turns to wire) and because it was in roving form, rather than combed top, I thought that a suspended spindle, using a long-draw method might be best to maximise the loftiness and softness of the yarn.

So I started spinning:

Phang-spun Gotland

I think the above picture was taken after the first day or so. I’m spinning on my Gripping Yarn Phang – which weighs 42g and is made of Bubinga – so it’s a little on the chunky side, but is gorgeous. Has a nice grain too.

And I tell you what, there’s a reason that long, crimpy fibres aren’t traditionally spun this way. It’s HARD! Getting things even is a challenge – there’s lots of slubbiness due to the prep and I’m having to work hard at consistency, but it’s a good challenge.

Yesterday I finished the first half:

Phang-spun Gotland

That’s about 44g of yarn on there (or a little over 1.5 ounces) – and a pretty fat, pregnant looking cop. Good thing it’s done now – was getting to the point where I was finding it hard to keep it spinning for any length of time. But I do think I need to work on building the cop lower – that might help with balance and spinning.

Now to see how quickly I can wind all this off and spin up the other half. Looking forward to seeing the end result! πŸ™‚


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What do you think?

Clapotis - WIP

In my defence, this 75% complete garment is being knitted for an 11 year old girl who should love it. I am a bit charmed, I have to admit, by the wild colours, but could never wear it myself.

Full info will come when I’ve finished it – but it’s nice to be back in the habit of making, and posting things on a Monday!

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Making Progress

Let’s start off with some good news – my broken spindle that I blogged about here, came back! Fixed and beautiful and I’ll do piccies of it very soon.

I’ve finally been making some progress on my queue. The Hoody of Woolly Goodness is coming along in between other things. I have finished the top-secret sample mittens and will hopefully have some piccies soon. I have also now finished a hat!

Norie - FO

Norie from the Shetland Trader Book 1.

A Shetland hat in yarn from the Isle of Skye! The yarn as you might have noticed is some of the Shilasdair Luxury DK that I got as part of my anniversary present. Annoyingly, the skein only weight 90g instead of 100g which is rather annoying, but it was more than enough for my project.

Norie - FO


  • Did a cable cast-on using a crochet hook.
  • Knitted 70% of the hat on Saturday.
  • Finished hat weighs in total 60g.
  • A hat in a day! Woop!
  • Followed the pattern exactly as written – some people have taken out a repeat of the lace, but as I have a giant noggin, I wanted to leave it in.
  • I love how the lace does indeed look like little cat’s paws – the yarn is also gorgeous – very soft and warm but retaining a slightly rustic quality. Love it.

Nice to have another new hat for winter! Got lots more knitting to do, with scarves and all sorts coming up over the next few months I hope. I’m trying my best not to get horribly sucked in my Shetland Lace knitting – I love the intricacy and the beauty of it – I may get one or two books and investigate that a bit more. I love all of the history behind a lot of these sorts of knitting. It’s one of the reasons I love Victorian Lace Today so much, although I haven’t knitted anything from that yet. I’ll start with my Celes, which is Shetland inspired – a few more Shetland Trader patterns and take it from there.

I’m off to have another browse through Victorian Lace Today.

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Making Socks

I finally finished what felt like a truly never-ending pair of socks. I started them at the beginning of August and finally cast on September 17. Took a little while to get around to taking photos, but at last here we are.

As a quick note, the actual yarn colour is somewhere between the 2 shades shown in the pics. Could not for the life of me get the colour captured properly. So you’ll have to do with my best attempts!

Pattern is 2luvcrew from last year’s KnitLoveClub and my Ravelry page can be found here.

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

Knitted the large size and came across no end of issues. I think a lot of the maths used just didn’t work out with the larger stitch count so a lot of fudging was necessary and my socks are slightly different in a few places as I didn’t make as extensive notes as perhaps I should.

Pretty sure the maths for the heel flap didn’t make sense – the initial instructions leave you with 38 stitches, but then the pattern begins to refer to you having 39. The heel turn numbers were not correct – I had to frog and redo with separate numbers (19 and 4 for my own notes). One of the charts was not right – had an additional decrease or stitch where there should not have been one, so a bit more fudging needed. Finally, there’s no allowance given to the extra length of the toe, if you decrease at the same rate as the smaller size. The toe should probably be started a half inch or so sooner than on the small size, as the foot ended up being too long and baggy (you’re decreasing from 88, not 66 sts, so a lot more rows involved!).

Despite that, I am pretty happy with how they’ve come out. I do like the little hearts pattern and like some of the little touches, such as the pattern into the heel transition:

2LuvCrew - FO

The yarn bled quite a lot on blocking, but the socks have retained their actual colour, which is a relief. First time I’ve used any Lorna’s Laces yarn and really enjoyed it!

Few notes for myself here:

  • Knitted 13 rows for cuff
  • 19 (4) for heel turn
  • Pick up 16 sts, knit and do 1st decs on next round
  • Start instep on row 2 of pattern – pick up sts
  • Row 3 of pattern – dec extra st
  • Decrease on: Row 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
  • Knit foot for 70 rows before starting toe (inc gusset decreases – 60 rows for plain foot knitting)
  • Decreased toe until 30 stitches all round – then grafted shut
  • Used 110g for both socks – got two tiny balls of leftovers

More pics!

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

This may well be the last pair of socks I knit this year. I’ve managed six pairs now – and want to finish off some other projects I’ve had on the needles for a while. Nice to be making progress on things!

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Making a Mess

This post comes to you via Making Monday 8… check out what other people are Making!

Today I had hoped you bring you a post about my spinning-in-progress. I’d shown this Optim a couple of weeks ago and wanted to show how I was getting on:

Copperhead Optim - WIP

I took it out of the bag to blog about and saw this:


Unfortunately we had a small accident with a laptop falling from height and we initially didn’t think anything was damaged. But that’s obviously not so.

Some careful unwinding onto a toilet paper tube managed to save the yarn-in-progress and in the end we were let with:


It’ll be making it’s way back to New England this week to have the shaft replaced. Ironic really, as a delivery from there arrived just this week:

Bosworth Midi Kauri

A Kauri Midi with a Cochin Rosewood shaft. Weighs just 26g! Unlike lots of Kauri it has a gorgeous grain:

Bosworth Midi Kauri

It also has a lovely chatoyance and shine – absolutely beautiful.

So yeah, I’m annoyed about the broken one, but it can be easily fixed.

In other news I finished the most recent pair of socks – should have pics as soon as I can get some light. I’m also making good progress on The Hoody of Woolly Goodness – more news soon!

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Making Monday & Moving Forwards

A quick FO to share this Making Monday.

Sage Lace - FO

I finally finished the never-ending angora lace scarf!

Sage Lace - FO

Sage Lace - FO

Sage Lace - FO

I actually started this back in December last year and knitted a bit – then didn’t do anything on it for ages! It’s the New Shell Scarf by Jamiesons – and this time I cast on fewer stitches and used a larger needle – 4.5mm instead of 3.75mm. This has given me something much longer and lacier – the finished article is over 6 feet long despite weighing only 48g.

The cast off I did was: k1, \[k1, pass both stitches to left needle, k2tbl\], then repeat what’s inside the \[]. Gives a lovely stretchy edge that blocks out beautifully.

That’s it in terms of knitting – I’m finishing off the socks and doing lots of spinning – so hopefully more soon.

Onto the topic I mentioned last week – about the makings of a new job. On Thursday last week I was offered the job and on Friday I accepted it and handed in my notice! Been a tough decision to make – it’s technically a step down and is a little less money, but the stress and pressure will be less and I have the chance to make something good from it if things work out. Yes, perhaps not the best career move, but then I was never out for a career so it doesn’t worry me too much. As long as I have enough money to pay the bills and buy a bit of yarn, I’ll be happy.

The six-week count-down begins! I have six weeks to go and will start my new job on the 24th October πŸ™‚

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Making Monday 3

Hopefully today I have started the makings of a new job. Well, technically I started them with a brief chat last Monday, but this Monday I had a longer chat and will hopefully hear more in the next few days.

In knitting and crafting terms, I have finished off a scarf that is presently pinned out post-blocking, but I’ve started more handspun:

Copperhead Optim - WIP

It’s the recent club shipment from The Thylacine – Optim in the colourway Copperhead. It wants to be super thin – so I’ll spin it up on my Bosworth Featherweight and see how it comes out!

The Making Monday round-up for this week can be found here.

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